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Grow with us by our official partners:

Abg, Iwasaki, CERM, TrojanLabel, Zeller+GmelinRietstack, Wink and FlexoWash


We are your trade and technical consulting partner for new technologies in printing and packaging industries since 1995

-        Labels production technologies with narrow web printing and converting machinery

-        Security printing technologies and brand protection solutions

-        Folding cartons and flexible packagings production technologies

-        Printing industry consumables and base materials

-        MIS and ERP business management software for printing companies

-        Production know-how in label printing companies

-        International and National standards developing in printing companies (ISO-FINAT)


LabelExpo 2009 official Sponsor


Tel: +98 912 393 8644

Address: P.O. Box: 15875-9449 - Tehran, Iran

Email: info (at) pishrasaneh.org


AB Graphic Made in Germany and UK

Established in 1954, Abg is a leader in digital finishing equipment. We offer an extensive range of label converting machinery and are constantly innovating to keep you at the forefront of your market. All products are fully supported by our Service Department and worldwide distributors, giving you peace of mind if things go wrong. With a purpose built site at our Head Office in Bridlington, we also have two other manufacturing sites, one close to the head office in Yorkshire, and the other in Germany near Dsseldorf. Each site is a centre for excellence for a specific range of products. We have over 15 years experience in developing digital finishing equipment, and continual investment in research and development gives our products the leading edge.

Since 1995 we have had a dedicated Turret Rewinder manufacturing facility, and we are the global market leader for automatic Turret Rewinders, with over 1600 installations worldwide.

Other products in our range include laser die cutting, 100% camera inspection systems, inspection slitter rewinders, booklet label machines and other specialist applications, including RFID insertion.



IWASAKI Tekko Co. Ltd Made in Japan

The "label" is regarded as face of various products in our lives. IWASAKI is a Japanese leading manufacturer for label printing and converting machinery since 1970 with cutting-edge technology and rich experience to supply all customers label printing machines that can print accurately, beautifully, quickly and operate-friendly. Iwasaki is a market leader in printing and finishing solutions for the production of short to medium run labels using conventional techniques of offset, letterpress and flexo printing technics.



CERM Made in Belgium

Cerm is a MIS and ERP software solution provider for narrow web printers. Cerm is a global solution provider in Business Management and Automation Software for both traditional and digital narrow web label printers. Cerm offers a complete solution for this nichemarketThe company was founded in 1983 and has been working for the printing industry ever since. Headquartered in Belgium, Cerm is well placed for our consultants to travel throughout Europe and intercontinental. The company emphasizes on customer focus and selects its customers specifically to strive for a 100 % fit between both parties on a longer term. The market niche specific knowledge embedded in our solution makes that there is no geographical limitation as to installations. Cerm is part of the Heidelberg Group.



Rietstack Made in Netherland

Rietstack is a company set up in Holland specifically for the manufacture of machinery for the printing industry. These machines are primarily for increasing production and efficiency in the narrow web and label manufacturing sector and although some of our machines are used off-line almost all of the processing units we manufacture can be integrated into the main machine as an addition without any reduction in production speed. Our product range is made up of a number of different machines each comprising of single or multiple processes. The processes that can be integrated include sheeting, stacking, counting, card-board feeders, boxing, gluing, pad maker with hot melt gluing, die-cutting and stacking of injection in-mould labels,transport tables and high pile stackers. Our machines are robust in construction and yet incorporate the most up to date electronics and pneumatic technology to reduce cycle times to a minimum and ensure reliability. Our delivery times are very good although we are prepared to build 'specials' and these will take a little longer to produce.



FlexoWash Made in Denmark

Flexo Wash was founded in 1991 by an inventive Danish label printer who faced the increased requirements for improved print quality as well as a safe and efficient production.
Through constant development Flexo Wash now offers a large variety of cleaning equipment for all sectors of the industry. Flexo Wash offers a large variety of cleaning equipment to meet every cleaning need within the flexographic industry, no matter which types or sizes of printing press or ink type. Flexo Wash has been redefining anilox roll cleaning from Day One. The fully automated system will clean all types and sizes of anilox and gravure rolls in just ten to twenty minutes recovering the cell volume completely leaving the rolls ready for immediate use. As Flexo Wash focuses on a healthy environment we supply water-based, eco-friendly cleaning liquids, which are recirculated in all Flexo Wash units. Furthermore we have a selection of equipment for wastewater treatment.



TrojanLabel Made in Denmak

A whole-hearted R&D enterprise launching cutting-edge solutions within on-demand and in-house color print. Servicing both manufactures, brand-owners and label converters. The company has innovation nests in Denmark, Hungary and China with a powerful staff of engineers. Recognized as a market leader delivering affordable cutting-edge digital printing solutions in label industry.



Zelle+Gmelin Made in Germany

The preferred supplier for UV cured ink and varnish systems. The name of Zeller+Gmelin has for many decades been associated with high quality products and technical innovation. We consider ourselves as the leading specialist for UV-curing printing inks and lacquers. We can offer you a solution for all your requirements be it the printing of self-adhesive labels, in mould-labels, flexible packaging, folding boxes, preformed cups and tubes where we offer inks of the highest specification.

Our UV offset inks are recommended by the worlds leading press manufacturers, whilst our low migration ink technology for the food packaging industry is acknowledged as a market leader.

In addition to our standard-product range we will also gladly develop individual solutions in cooperation with our customers for special requirements or applications.



Wink Made in Germany

We are one of the world's leading manufacturers of cutting tools for the graphic industry. All over the world, renowned manufacturers of labels, packaging and many other die-cut products rely on the quality and outstanding service provided by Wink. When die-cutting labels and other products, it comes down to microns. We use specially developed state-of-the-art CNC technology to manufacture flexible dies, cylinders and steel rule dies with optimum precision and microscopic accuracy. Our quality management is DIN ISO 9001 certified. This enables us to guarantee the flawless and consistently high quality of our products. Since it was founded in 1989, the company has grown steadily. Over the years, we have continuously extended our product portfolio, as well as our international distribution network, by adding a wide range of subsidiaries and agencies. At the same time, we have made long term investments in technology and our employees, in order to cope with increasing demand for our premium quality cutting tools. We Care With Wink, you have a strong and reliable partner at your side who will provide you with all the equipment you need to succeed. Our philosophy can be summed up in four short words: "You cut, we care."​ While you get on with the task in hand, we take care of everything else- from receiving the order to installing the tool in your machine.